taekwondo For Your Health

The discipline of Taekwondo leads to increase energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to a happier, longer life. The KRTA program helps you recognize and handle situations in which self-defense may be required.


Dive in to the World of Health & Fitness

“Martial Arts does not teach you how to fight, it teaches you why not to.”

Competition Oriented

In this program customer will get competition oriented training to enhance the overall sports performance, the ultimate goal of this course is to get more medals in the International events.

Self-Defense Oriented

In this course customer will get a program specially designed for self-defense by a Martial art expert to lead the secure lifestyle, 50% special concession on this course for female candidates.

Fitness Oriented

In this course customer will get a weight reduction program with a proper diet chart from the sports nutritionist as well as specific fitness schedule from the certified coach

Recreation Oriented

In this course customer will get recreational training schedule to build the fine motor qualities for kids, this course will help in attaining focus, activeness and discipline specially for the hyperactive kids.

Group Coaching

@ 750 / Month

We offer quality program to all the candidates as per their preferred course. we are Providing World class coaching experience though it is group coaching we focused on individualization 

Private Coaching

@ 1500 / Month

This is a one of our unique program to help our students one who want private training program  to gain self-confidence, build momentum and consistency on their home.

Summer Offer

Hurry…! Only  limited seats, book today to avail this limited offer. 


What is the history of Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art originating from the days of tribal communities on the Korean Peninsula. It was developed amongst the tribes as a means of preserving their own life and race as well as building both physical and mental strength.

How is Taekwondo different to Karate and other martial arts?

Like Karate practitioners, Taekwondo students perform a lot of upper body techniques like punching, blocking and striking. What distinguishes Taekwondo from other martial arts is its superior kicking techniques. In Taekwondo students can learn to perform multiple kicks while flying and jumping in the air.

How popular is Taekwondo as an Olympic sport?

Taekwondo was made introduced as a demonstration sport back in Seoul 1988 and again in Barcelona in 1992. Since Taekwondo has been introduced as a full Olympic sport it has grown rapidly and become a lot more recognized in the modern world. The rules of sport Taekwondo are constantly being changed to make the sport safer and more spectator orientated.

What does Taekwondo mean?

Literally translated Tae Kwon Do means ‘the way of the fist and foot.’ The most important part of the word is ‘Do’ as this translated means ‘the correct way.’ Learning to kick and punch are only physical attributes. By practicing Do and the principles of Taekwondo, students become overall martial artists both physically and mentally.

How long does it take to achieve black belt?

This is almost impossible to answer as it depends on how often the student trains, how hard they train and how quickly they learn. Students who are more dedicated and train hard will obviously achieve their black belt before other less devoted students but to put a time span on it is difficult. I would say that even the most dedicated of students should train at least three years before being allowed to Dan Grade.

What Is The Best Form Of Martial Arts?

All martial arts are based on the same foundations as each other. E.g. discipline, health, humility, perseverance, indomitable spirit to name a few. Therefore no martial art is better than any other, they are all the same. It just depends what different people enjoy practicing more in the martial arts as to which one they decide to study.